Friday, January 9, 2009

WELCOME 2009!!

Hi all!

We are selling old inventories at low prices! Among the items are :

(i) Jumping Beans Stripes Top - RM18
(ii) Jumping Beans Brown Top - RM18
(iii) Jumping Beans White Top - RM18
(iv) Jumping Beans Brown Floral Top - RM18
(v) Morris Mouse Stripes Sleepers - RM10

Good deal, eh?

Hurry up. While stocks last!!


umIE a.k.a saLMi said...

nabel, morris mouse stripe sleeper nih masih ada stock lg x?

Nabell Team said...

YES, Umie, we still have it in stock. Thanks.

Jessie said...

hie nabel, are any of the jumping beans tops still available?


Nabell said...

Yes, some of them still available.

Anonymous said...

hello there,jumping beans top masih ada lg ke?

Nabell said...

Yes, we still have it.

Anonymous said...

this morris mouse masih ader ker??
tgl size aper?